A Flying Start at Loisaba Wilderness

Guests and staff members at Loisaba Wilderness Lodge in Nanyuki, Kenya were treated to a full day’s show of the most special kind on Thursday the 9th of February. From the comfortable seating at the poolside tables in camp, one of nature’s wonders was witnessed. A resident black headed oriole mother and baby pair entertained onlookers as the chick took his first flight.

Loisaba’s General Manager and avid nature-lover Kirsty Sutherland watched in awe with the rest of camp as the beautiful chick left the nest for the first time. The bird’s happy home hangs from a tree near the pool and is conveniently visible to all those who raise their eyes to the skies.

Kirsty described the show as, “an amazing sequence of events and a very long day for the mother.” She went on to describe how the pretty chick emerged from his nest and slowly and tentatively fumbled his way up the branch. All the while Mom sat in a tree across the lawn constantly calling to encourage him to fly over to her. She proudly, and presumably nervously, watched as he finally plucked up the courage to make the flight after around 15-20 minutes of constant calling on her part.


He did it. And for his effort and to show her pride in his accomplishment Mom rewarded the little captain with food. But the lesson didn’t end there. The baby was in for a hard day’s flying. The mother flew from tree to tree calling for him to follow her to her new perch each time. He obeyed and was successful every time, even though it was a bit breezy and she often coaxed him to fly into the wind.


The chick carried out a pre-flight check before the second flight and it was amusing to watch him summoning up courage, preening and displaying his gorgeous plumage


Kirsty also told of how the flying went on the whole afternoon with them moving from tree to tree with breaks of around 20-30 minutes in between. She said, “It was a most incredible and very special sighting for all our guests.”

The mom and son pair can still be seen going about their business at Loisaba. A stay at this awe inspiring lodge is equal to something out of the imagination. Time there is a memorable, authentically Kenyan experience with accommodation options including lodge rooms, the house or the cottage depending on your preferences. Take up the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of sleeping under the African skies on the unique star beds too. A photograph showcasing this aspect of Loisaba was recently posted on thefancy.com and really whets readers’ appetites for an experience in the African bush. See the post here http://www.thefancy.com/things/287993709/Loisaba-Wilderness-Resort-%40-Kenya


Loisaba is a 61,000 acre ranch home to a host of wildlife including endangered and rare species such as wild dog, greater kudu, Grevy’s zebra and striped hyena. Guests can explore Loisaba through an incredible array of activities – day and night game drives, guided bush walks, river rafting, a camel safari and horse riding to name but a few. A spa session or five is also a must. Rejuvenation of the mind, soul and body is guaranteed after a visit to Loisaba Wilderness.




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