Gorilla Baby Talk at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, Rwanda

What is it that draws visitors, animal lovers and adventurers- at- heart to seek out the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda? Is it the idea of trekking through untouched wilderness and finding these mystical creatures in their natural habitat? Is it the fascination we have in the primates and their incredible similarities in behaviour and family structure to us mere humans? Or, as I suspect, is it a combination of both these options?

Seeing the gorillas in the mountains has been deemed, “dramatic, thrilling, poignant and the wildlife experience of a lifetime” by Nelis Wolmarans, manager of Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge. Many who have witnessed this awe inspiring experience will agree whole heartedly.

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge is moments away from the great Parc National des Volcans which is the national park in which the gorillas are found. Guests can organise to trek on foot with local guides and find the spectacular animals there.  However, sightings of the gorillas are not the only views visitors can look forward to when staying at the lodge. Sabinyo Silverback Lodge is located within the foothills of a chain of volcanoes which trail through Rwanda and some of its neighbours. The location itself lends to awesome sights and an atmosphere of awe and beauty.

The lodge is operated by Governors’ Camp but owned by the local community trust and responsible tourism practices are upheld. The region and the local people benefit from the tourism that the gorillas and the lodge bring to it.  The main lodge and the guest cottages are earthy and luxurious in construction and décor making for a comfortable and enjoyable stay there.

The latest Governors’ Camp blog put the gorilla stars of the area in the limelight. It is breeding season and the gorillas are revelling in being happy families with little ones recently arriving into the groups. According to author of the blog, Ariana Grammaticas, all the new babies are still less than a month old and the most darling characters to behold.

Two new gorilla families have moved to the area too which brings the total to 19 families in Rwanda’s Volcanos National Park. One new family came over from the Congo and the other new family was formed when one of the Silverbacks from a local family, went off on his own and wooed two lady friends to join him in a group of his own.

All the members of the families are keen to meet you. And so are the staff at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge. Come and find out what it is that lures so many people to the gorillas, the mist and the landscapes of Rwanda.







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