Loisaba Kenya is Big Cat Country

It’s an unwritten law of safari holidays that if you’ve seen the cats you can go home satisfied. The big cats are on the top of the priority list for most adventurers exploring Kenya. They’re fast, agile, stealthy and are vicious hunters who rule the bush. They are dangerous and brutal and this is half of their appeal with the other half being their beauty and almost mystical aura. Yes, the big cats lure us to the African wilderness.

Loisaba in Laikipia, Kenya is well known for its incredible big cat sightings. The grassy plains to the east of the property make up the preferred territory of Loisaba’s lion population. The shy but lethal leopards like to claim the bushy area which sprawls out in front of the lodge. There are 5 of these resident cats and even if you don’t s see them from the lodge, they are likely to be close by which is an eerie and invigorating thought.


For the love of the cats, Loisaba is a proud supporter of the Laikipia Predator Project. According to Loisaba, the project helps to conserve and protect large carnivores by studying the behaviour, movements and ecology of predators living within Laikipia. The project also ensures the monitoring of the predators’ response to conservation efforts and strives to improve livestock practices in the area by preventing human-wildlife conflict as much as possible. All in all, the project is doing a bit of good for the big kitties of the bush and teaching humans how to coexist in their environment without negatively affecting them or bringing harm to themselves.

Whilst staying at Loisaba Wilderness guests can get personally involved in the Laikipia Predator Project’s research and monitoring activities. Family groups especially enjoy the experience. Guests are shown how to track lions using receivers and antennae (approximately one lion per pride wears a VHF or GPS collar). Guests also learn how to identify individual lions and can report and record their own data at the lodge. The project’s key researcher, Marc Napao, is in the process of developing an online database which will soon allow guests to identify and report their lion sightings after each game drive.  As guests learn about the behaviour of the Laikipia’s lion population they will also be aiding in conserving the prides through their part played in the research.

Loisaba Wilderness is a private, 61,000 acre game sanctuary which guests have to themselves for the duration of their stay.  This segment of African heaven comprises of the grassy plains, valleys, cliffs and escarpments with snow-capped Mount Kenya visible in the distance.  Loisaba is home to 50 species of wildlife, including the cats and some endangered species such as wild dogs, reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra and greater kudu as well as 260 species of birds.

Kid’s activities on offer at Loisaba include chid-friendly safaris and bush skills taught by Loisaba’s Samburu guides. Adults can unwind in the spa and the whole family can join in on many other activities such as camel treks, horseback riding, escorted walks and bush breakfasts to name a few. Accommodation options are set in Loisaba House, Loisaba Cottage, Loisaba Lodge and Starbeds. The choice is yours according to your preference and the way you’d like to design your safari holiday stay.

So let the cats lure you to Loisaba and experience Kenya’s charm and spirit of adventure.
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