Live like Early Kenyan Settlers at Loldia House

Settled into the vastness of The Great Rift Valley in Kenya is Loldia House, relaxed, charming and so comfortable in its surroundings. It just feels like it belongs there and visitors to the undisturbed safari lodge find themselves easing into a tranquil, more natural, pace of life. In this wilderness- dominated environment guests have the chance to experience something similar to the life of Kenya’s early settlers.  Now that’s something quite special indeed.

So what can visitors expect from a stay at this Governor’s Camp property?  For one, a spectacular view of the dormant volcano, Mount Longonot can be seen from the house. Wild animals roam free all around and in the evenings hippos can be heard, eating by the waterside. Conveniently located, Loldia House is only a two hour drive from Nairobi and within easy reach of Nairobi’s International Airport. It’s also well placed for guests wanting to enjoy day trips to the famous Lake Nakuru National Park and many other Kenyan wilderness areas of interest.

According to the most recent news reported from Loldia House, guests have been treated to sightings of many flamingos and other birdlife at the small Lake– Ol Odian lately.  On other game viewing activities, such as drives through Nakuru Park, numerous fantastic wildlife encounters have been had including lucky viewings of a pride of lions and some even relaxing in a tree.

Heather Wallington, Loldia House Manager shared a story of an extraordinary leopard sighting that guests enjoyed recently. She said, “…They were called by the watchmen during dinner – the guests stood on the verandah and watched the leopard trot outside the fence at the bottom of the garden and back again. That story will be shared by the lucky visitors time and time again, we’re sure.

Heather also told of news about the local primary school that Loldia House supports. She elaborated saying, “Sandie, who is a Trustee of the Loldia School fund, reported that the increase in the school population, now 1,920, is of great concern.  The lack of Government funding in the School is having a detrimental effect on the children and the standard of education that can be provided for them. Poverty in Kassarani, the home of the majority of the pupils, is widespread and the way out of this is through education.    The main aim of the Loldia School Fund is to provide the resources to enable the children to take this opportunity.”

If you would like to know more about the School Fund or feel you can contribute to it please contact Sandie Edmeades direct – email

Photos courtesy of Robin Tickle and Loldia House.
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