Rare Wildlife Sightings at Joy’s Camp

Rare Wildlife Sightings at Joy’s Camp

What a great few months we’ve had here at Joy’s Camp!
It’s been a high season packed with incredible wildlife sightings – 6 lions on a giraffe kill, bat-eared foxes and striped hyena seen almost daily, the stunning sightings of a caracal, a civet cat seen regularly, the secretive and rare William’s lark often spotted on the lava plains, huge buffalo herds of over 200 and, most excitingly, the amazing discovery of an aardwolf den with pups!

The aardwolf is one of the most elusive species – resembling a thin striped hyena, but with a more slender muzzle, sharper ears, black vertical stripes on a coat of yellowish fur, and a long, distinct mane down the midline of the neck and back.

All these shots have been taken by our recently set up trail camera to record movements, especially of our nocturnal visitors! As you can see we’ve had some incredible shots taken within the first few weeks:

1. Striped Hyena,

2. Leopard,

3. Porcupine,

4. Aardwolf,

5. African Wild Cat,

6. Civet!
Shaba is drying up now following the rains earlier this year. Fortunately here at Joy’s Camp we have a natural spring in front of us – a real oasis for Shaba’s wildlife and a very popular spot at the moment, where a few nights ago we heard a lion killing a buffalo while sitting at the bar and enjoying our G&Ts with Stefano and Liz Cheli!

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