Stefano Cheli joins Northern Rangelands Trust Board of Trustees

Stefano Cheli joins Northern Rangelands Trust Board of Trustees



Cheli & Peacock is delighted to announce that Stefano Cheli has been appointed to the Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) Board of Trustees.

Established in 2004, the NRT is a non-profit organisation supporting 26 community wildlife conservancies across northern Kenya and encompassing over 3 million acres of land. Its mission is to develop resilient infrastructure of wildlife management, security and conflict resolution which transforms people’s lives, secures peace and conserves natural resources. The NRT is widely-revered and its success has helped shape new government regulations on establishing, registering and managing community conservancies in Kenya.

Cheli & Peacock over the past nearly 30 years have worked with communities and have been innovative in identifying and transforming areas with poor conservation track records.  Cheli & Peacock’s camps – Kitich Camp and Joy’s Camp already partner with NRT.

The NRT Council of Elders and Board of Trustees identified Stefano as “someone who can make a significant contribution” to their work. The appointment reflects Stefano’s “skills, expertise and achievements” in the Namunyak and Nakuprat-Gotu conservancies, in particular, as well as his role as Chairman and Founder of the Mara North Conservancy and position on the Africa Conservation Centre Board of Trustees.
Stefano brings to the role a wealth of experience and a true passion for Kenyan conservation. Across its portfolio of properties, Cheli & Peacock supports a great many local initiatives, ranging from environmental projects with wildlife foundations and conservation charities, to those working with local schools, clinics and sanitation projects.

Commenting on the appointment, Stefano Cheli, Owner of Cheli & Peacock says:

“Since Liz and I first began operating safaris in 1985, responsible tourism, wildlife conservation and the careful preservation of Kenya’s unique wilderness have always been our utmost priority. We have worked alongside the NRT for many years and I am delighted to join its Board of Trustees and continue to work closely with local communities to support their development needs.”

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