Tongabezi, Victoria Falls, Zambia

Tongabezi, Victoria Falls, Zambia

Wonderful news for the Tongabezi Trust School, Tujatane. Young EveristoChabalanda came from a single parent family and only spoke English as a second language. At the end of his Tujatane career he won a scholarship to Kingswood College, thanks to The Graham and Rhona Beck Foundation and Tujatane sponsor, Susan Sarandon. He has now completed his final year as deputy head of house, and with only A’s and B’s resulting in a place at Rhodes University to study BCom courtesy of Susan Sarandon, who will be sponsoring his tertiary education.


From Everisto’s English report: “Everisto’s humility, integrity and understated honesty are a part of the foundation to his success in English. He listens carefully, thinks deeply and responds appropriately. This understanding of context and register is not only an asset to his progress in this subject, but a life skill that cannot be taught. It is a privilege to have him in the class and a pleasure to teach him.”

To watch a short documentary about Everisto and his family that was filmed back in 2007 when he was a pupil with us, please click the link below.

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