Tena Tena Gets Ready for a New Season

Tena Tena Gets Ready for a New Season

Tena Tena’s guestbook is full of experiences and memories shared by guests who found a safari-wonderful, African holiday at Robin Pope Safari’s flagship camp. That guestbook can tell a tale or two, and all of the notes in it repeat the same basic message- that Tena’s guests want to come back time and time again.


Here is a snippet of one such scribbling by a blissful former guest:
“The accommodation hit just the right note between great comfort and fitting in with its surroundings, the food was excellent, and the standard of guiding impressive…Having arrived with the knowledge that this was certainly no zoo with guaranteed sightings, [the animals] were all most accommodating, with the exception of the invisible hyenas! To see a leopard deciding that a porcupine represented a few prickles too far was an unforgettable experience.”
Christine Johnson – UK

The Tena Tena video shows off the wild yet relaxed character of this very special safari camp

Tena Tena tented bush camp is stretched along the banks of the Luangwa River under a beautiful and thick mahogany grove. There are many natural lagoons in and around the area, where wildlife come to drink.

The tents are on the top of the two tiered river bank hidden under the lush canopy and are set between Leadwood poles. Each tent is adapted to its specific location so as to maximize the privacy in the rooms with a gorgeous view across the river.


Emily from Robin Pope Safaris filled us in on what is happening at Tena Tena at the moment. The camp is closed until the next season starts but there is a buzz of activity and busy-ness around it as staff members give it the TLC it deserves. She said,  “We have just sent our first teams up to Tena Tena to start clearing the camps and getting ready to go in to open them in just 6 weeks’ time.” She continued to say, “Bertram (camp manager) went up there today and has his team starting on clearing the paths, preparing the rooms (well the headboards and slabs) ready for the tents to go up.”


The safari-dreamy camp is open from the 22nd of May to 31st of October each year, during Zambia’s drier months. It’s the ideal time to indulge in a safari holiday in the South Luangwa wilderness. The bush is less dense so the wildlife is easier to spot and the weather is so pleasant.

This gorgeous tented camp is intimate and unpretentious with all the comforts still attached. Tena Tena comprises of just 6 tents and the camp is able to host 12 guests at a time in total. Each luxury tent comes complete with veranda and en-suite bathroom.


Animals of all varieties come to drink at the lagoons and a pod of hippos are residents in the area. It’s not uncommon for guests to be spoilt to a parade of thirsty African creatures before their very eyes while they enjoy their own sundowners or a meal near the edge of the river. Activities on offer at Tena Tena, include game drives, cultural visits to the Kawaza Village and walking safaris.

Take your turn to get up close and personal to nature, in your own luxury tent at Tena Tena camp

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