Exploring the Okavango Delta with African Horseback Safaris

Exploring the Okavango Delta with African Horseback Safaris

Combining the sheer beauty and vast expanse of the Okavango Delta with the majesty and power of  horses, African Horseback Safaris is on to a winning formula.

Ibo Island. Mozambique

When the Okavango Delta floods every year and leaves large areas inaccessible by vehicle, the calm horses from African Horseback Safari will get you there without a problem. And what an adventure awaits.

Although not for everyone, a horseback safari is one of the best ways to see wildlife. Animals are not generally threatened by horses and therefore guests can experience some extremely up-close and personal encounters with wild animals while out riding.


Imagine riding alongside a pack of wild dogs or even a herd of elephants! It truly is something that you can only understand once you’ve experienced it for yourself. With that being said, let’s hand over to Tom from the UK who recently returned from his safari with African Horseback Safaris:

“My wife and I visited Macatoo in May which provided beautiful weather but not too hot to ride in and the delta was rather wet!

We didn’t really know what to expect but it was just magical from start to finish. We were woken each day with a welcome cup of tea as we gazed out of the front of our tent (definitely glamping) at the beautiful Delta. A good camp breakfast and some great riding until lunch.


The guides are amazing, so friendly and fun but most of all very knowledgeable. It is a great feeling of security when out looking for animals that although we don’t have a clue which way is back to camp, the guides are thinking on a different level all the time always looking for the next animal whilst keeping us very safe.


The colours and the scenery are so good that seeing any animals is just an added bonus and the riding is great fun. The horses know what they are doing and we found that riders are matched very well to their mounts each day. I honestly don’t want to say any more about the riding because not only would it be impossible to quite describe the overall feeling of being in such a place but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

The team in the camp are great, a real family throughout the stay and just so interesting to hear all of the stories and to be around. The overall atmosphere is very relaxed with the team just wanting you to get the most out of the trip regardless of experience.


Finally the food in camp is extremely good home cooking. We ate all of our meals with the other guests in camp and it was a joy to make new friendships and share our stories from the days riding, which always provides a lot to discuss.


The daily routine is very well organised and executed but with a totally laid back feel. We didn’t want to leave and it was quite sad when we did. We would love to go back at some point.

Thank you to Katie, Sekongo, Gareth and everyone at Macatoo for such an amazing experience. We wouldn’t change a thing.”

-TripAdvisor review

A little more about African Horseback Safaris

Although definitely aimed at horse-riding enthusiasts, there are several other special activities than non-riding guests can enjoy including game drives, boating safaris, fishing, birding and photography.


The camp, Macatoo, consists of 8 luxury tents that provide a comfortable place to relax while still enjoying stunning panoramic views of the natural environment. Every night a fire is lit in the main area where guests can gather for drinks, something to eat and to share their adventure tales from that day.

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