3 ways The Hide is giving back

3 ways The Hide is giving back

“We recognise that the need for more conservation and community development programmes to be embedded within the tourism industry, now more than ever, is crucial. Local rural communities are in need of support, not charity, but to be given the chance to be empowered and alleviated from the difficulties that they are faced with.”The Hide

Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries and one of its fastest growing economic sectors. For many countries it is seen as a great tool for promoting and accelerating sustainable development, especially poverty eradication in local communities. A successful and sustainable safari lodge is one that recognises that tourism goes hand in hand with conservation and community upliftment, and makes a conscious effort to play their role in this sector.

Local community development, conservation and reducing environmental impact have always been priorities at The Hide.

Here are just 3 of the many ways that the team at The Hide are giving back:

1. The Hide Community Trust
The Hide Community Trust is a non-profit organisation that is partnered with a local community who live on the outskirts of Hwange National Park. The Trust is committed to conservation and sustainable community development and aims to tackle the root causes of poverty and environmental devastation and promote education. The lodge itself assists the community by employing staff from the surrounding communities and helping these people to develop their skills. The project’s ultimate goal is to establish sustainable education programmes, income generation and conservation awareness.

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2. Conservation and Wildlife Fund
The Hide is proudly a founding member of the Conservation and Wildlife Fund (CWF) with the key focus to work together with stakeholders, including other environmentalist and conservation groups and local communities to raise awareness and provide adequate tools for the management of Zimbabwe’s precious wildlife resources. This is done by assisting and supporting Anti-Poaching methods, raising funds for specific key wildlife species and projects, supporting community education programs and supporting local community enterprises in tourism development.

3. Organic Vegetable Garden
The Hide is currently in the process of ‘going green’ and are very proud of their completely organic vegetable garden. By using only up-cycled and recycled materials, 100% naturally made fertilizers and pesticides, and methods such as intercropping with various repellent herbs. The veggies are completely organic, healthy and thriving! These fresh vegetables are used daily in The Hide’s kitchens to provide guests with wholesome, tasty meals with a touch of homegrown love.

Find more information on community projects at The Hide.

A little more about The Hide

Situated on a private concession on the Eastern boundary of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, The Hide Safari Camp has been voted as the “Best Tented Safari Camp” in Zimbabwe. Boasting the perfect location for a safari camp, the camp offers stunning views of the surround scenery and spectacular wildlife sightings can often be enjoyed right from the comfort of the camp.


Hwange National Park is renowned for its abundance of diverse wildlife and guests at The Hide can expect to enjoy guided bush walks and game drives led by their fantastic team of knowledgeable and passionate guides. Having distilled the essence of the safari experience and embellished it with their own distinctive style, The Hide is guaranteed to provide an unforgettable experience to all its guests.

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