Capturing Hearts at Tongabezi

Capturing Hearts at Tongabezi

Unashamedly indulgent, Tongabezi Lodge is the ultimate romantic destination with a twist of safari magic.

Lovebirds, Mike and Nicole, found this out for themselves when they chose to spend their honeymoon lapping up the luxury of Tongabezi. The couple spent time soaking up the sun in Namibia, enjoying the wildlife in Botswana and then made their way to Zambia.

Choosing to spend their stay in the enchanting Tongabezi Treehouse, it was the epitome of romance. Sunset dining on a floating platform in the Zambezi River, a walking tour of the Victoria Falls and conquering the thrilling Devil’s Pool experience were just a few of the highlights that the newlyweds enjoyed.


While there is no denying the romance of Tongabezi, Nicole says that it was the children that captured her heart during their stay. She shared her experience on the Tongabezi Bloghouse:

“I had been counting down the minutes until our plans to visit the local private school called Tujatane. Before we ever went to Zambia, I had plans to visit this school. I read about it for months on the website and bought a bunch of books and school supplies before we left and filled up a large portion of my luggage with them. I was so excited to visit this school and meet the founder.

One of the most memorable parts of our journey in Zambia is when we decided to sponsor a child from the Tujatane School. That morning we met with the director and after learning our story, she matched us with a student in need. We were so thrilled when we found out we could actually meet the child in person before we left that day. Her name is Eunice and she is fifteen years old. She will be starting the ninth grade next year and we will be supporting her education so that one day she can graduate high-school. As part of the sponsorship program, we will write emails and letters back and forth and also receive reports on her grades and progress in school. We sat with her and got to know her and told her about our life in Dallas. It means the world to us to know that a child who has minimal to no support at home can be motivated and inspired to know that someone believes in her!

Ending the trip that day was emotional and inspirational. Someone once said, “I wasn’t born in Africa, but Africa was born in me.” We told Eunice we would see her again, and we meant it.”

For more information about Tujatane School, click here.

A little more about Tongabezi Lodge
Tongabezi is perched on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River, just upstream from Victoria Falls. Although no special occasion is required to enjoy the magical Tongabezi experience, it is renowned for its romantic atmosphere, making it the ultimate African wedding, honeymoon and anniversary destination. Tongabezi also offers a variety of thrilling activities including game drives, mountain biking and boating trips and guests can choose to do as much or as little as they’d like.

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