The Great Migration at Governors’ Camp

The Great Migration at Governors’ Camp

The big news from Governors’ Camp this month is the arrival of the Wildebeest Migration on the plains around our camps.


The migration arrived right on schedule in mid July and the herds soon covered the plains around our camps in their millions. The river crossings then began as the wildebeest sought fresh pastures on the other side of the Mara River.


The huge resident Nile crocodiles lined up ready to feed and lions and leopard lay in ambush on opposite river banks. Massive herds of wildebeest and zebra gathered day after day on the river banks crossing in big numbers. Most made it safely across but a few were taken by crocodiles and strong currents.


There were touching moments too, like the lone wildebeest who managed to out swim a crocodile and make it to the other side; the zebra mother who very quietly and carefully led her foal, tiptoeing past a sleeping crocodile that was guarding the river exit; and another zebra who got the shock of her life when she almost stepped on a sleeping crocodile at the entrance to the river. Our clients flying in the balloon have had wonderful panoramic views of the migration from above and we hope that this migration season will continue long into October.

Croc attacks a zebra but zebra escapes - William Slynn - 14.07.16-25

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