Busy Waterholes and New Lions at Ghoha Hills

Busy Waterholes and New Lions at Ghoha Hills

Guests at Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge have recently enjoyed plenty of sightings at the newly replenished waterhole in front of the lodge.

At the larger waterhole, which is a short drive from the lodge, we’ve also enjoyed a wealth of wildlife sightings. Botswana is very dry at the moment and we’re doing what we can to conserve our wildlife. We’ve extended the waterhole in front of the lodge to provide much needed water for our plains game, large herbivores and predators. In the early afternoon, around lunch time, we often see a dust cloud which signifies the arrival of the buffalo herds. This is the time of day when the pathfinders lead the herds to available water sources. In conjunction with this, the elephants have been visiting the small waterhole on a regular basis. Recently, plenty of kudu and zebra have also been spotted. This has really provided guests with exceptional sightings from the lounge/balcony area!


Our hide, which overlooks the larger waterhole, is a short drive from the lodge. The abundance of water and depth of waters have attracted massive breeding herds of buffalo and elephant. Both these large herbivore digest plenty of course vegetation throughout the day, which means they need to drink at least once a day to aid their digestion. The hide also sees huge herds of plains game and giraffe. It’s quite a spectacle down at the waterhole – plenty of species all thriving together in one small area!



We’ve had the most fascinating predator activity happening just around the hill. The calls from the lions can be heard well into the night. Just the other night, we saw the emergence of new lions to our area! This is big news. During dinner time, the unmistakable rush of buffalo hooves could be heard. We heard the deafening roars of lions – they passed and ran in the direction of our spa.

The following morning 3 new males were heard roaring and were seen walking in front of the tents. These males are not from the normal Ghoha Pride! We are watching the lion pride dynamics of the area with curiosity. They were obviously stalking and observing the coming and going of the herds in front of our lodge.


Eventually the males made a kill in front of our lodge and one of our guests managed to witness the entire saga unfold. We witnessed the lions devouring their meal and, yet again, Ghoha was rewarded with breathtaking sightings!


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