Pizza in the Bush at African Horseback Safaris

Pizza in the Bush at African Horseback Safaris

While pizza may not seem like the most traditional safari cuisine, it’s certainly an authentic African experience when the pizza oven is actually a termite mound.

Geared towards creating the most memorable safari experiences for their guests, a pizza night at African Horseback Safaris is always a very special affair. Arriving just before sunset, riding and non-riding guests are surprised with a sumptuous dinner setup out in the bush.

Macatoo Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

Delicious wood-fired pizza is what’s on the menu but who needs an oven when you’ve got termite mounds? Believe it or not, this practice is not as strange as you might imagine. In fact, using old termite mounds for cooking purposes is quite a common practice in Botswana. And if you’ve ever seen a pizza oven, it’s not hard to figure out where they got the idea from.

Okavango Delta. Botswana

Although a special occasion is not a prerequisite to be able to enjoy this special activity, the team at African Horseback Safaris love to surprise guests with this when someone is celebrating a birthday or anniversary. It’s so popular in fact, that pizza night happens about once a week and is always a big highlight for guests.

Macatoo Camp. African Horseback Safaris. Okavango Delta. Botswana

After dinner, guests are taken back to camp in vehicles and are sometimes treated to sightings of those nocturnal creatures you don’t normally see during the day. Now that’s what we call dinner and a show!

Pizza night at African Horseback Safaris

A little more about African Horseback Safaris:
Set in the heart of Okavango Delta in Botswana, African Horseback Safaris offer one of the most unique and exciting horseback adventures in the world. The annual flooding of the Delta leaves vast areas inaccessible to vehicles, making horseback the best means to explore this phenomenal area and experience its abundant wildlife population.

Okavango Delta Safari Lodge

The camp, Macatoo, consists of 8 luxury tents that provide a comfortable place to relax while still enjoying stunning panoramic views of the natural environment. Every night a fire is lit in the main area where guests can gather for drinks, something to eat and to share their adventure tales from that day. Although definitely aimed at horse-riding enthusiasts, there are several other special activities than non-riding guests can enjoy including game drives, boating safaris, fishing, birding and photography.

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