Responsible Tourism at The Ant Collection

Responsible Tourism at The Ant Collection

We are members of the Waterberg Nature Conservancy which is made up of numerous private game reserves covering an area of 300,000ha. This all falls within the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve which is a UNESCO heritage site promoting conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources within its boundaries.” – The Ant Collection

Here are 2 of the many ongoing conservation projects that Ants is currently involved with:

Sable Antelope Breeding Program
Sable Antelope have always been natural residents in the Waterberg area but were hunted to neat extinction a century ago. In 2001 the reserve reintroduced the first sable antelope.By monitoring their genetics, the animals developed a healthy population in the area, allowing a number of breeding groups to also be sold to other reserves into order to establish new populations.  It is always exciting for guests to see these iconic antelope thriving in their natural habitat.


Disease Free Buffalo
The reserve is proud to be home to a healthy ‘diseased-free’ herd of free ranging, Cape buffalo. These buffalo do not carry Tuberculosis, Foot and Mouth disease, Corridor, or Brucellosis. There is also a strict quarantine and testing procedure for any animal entering or leaving the property. These iconic animals embody the uncompromising nature of Africa and it is thrilling to ride amongst the herd on horseback.


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