Starbeds and Birding at Jaci’s Safari Lodge

Starbeds and Birding at Jaci’s Safari Lodge

We are excited to announce that our newly launched Starbed Suites at Jaci’s Safari Lodge have been receiving rave reviews from our recent guests! The magical experience of sleeping under the African stars is a special one and we’re proud to offer it to our visitors.


The Jaci’s Lodges “Big Birding Safari”, led by Etienne Marais and Trevor Hardaker will take place on the 24th of November. Madikwe boasts over 300 bird species & elusive sightings of African Finfoot, Painted Snipe & Yellow Morph Crimson Breasted Shrike. Jaci’s Safari Lodge is the perfect location to enjoy BirdLife South Africa’s Big Birding Day.


Our Big Birding Safari offer will combine the best in birding and expert guides, as well as daily safaris, luxury accommodation, outdoor dining experiences and exceptional service.

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Please email for rates and more information on this awesome safari experience!

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