Wolwedans welcomes the World Pursuit Travel Bloggers

Wolwedans welcomes the World Pursuit Travel Bloggers

Armed with a map, camera, and 1989 Landcruiser, Cameron and Natasha from The World Pursuit, set out on a journey through Africa earlier this year.

In true road trip style, these two adventurous young travel bloggers aim to drive from Cape Town to Cairo, exploring various African countries and attractions along the way. There is no set end date and their lodging will range from five-star dream lodges to camping with roasted marshmallows on the menu. They want to experience it all and leave behind a trail of photographs, moments, stories, and advice about Africa as they go. One of their first stops on their epic adventure up the continent, was Namibia and while there, Cameron and Natasha enjoyed a wonderful stay at Wolwedans.

Here is why they loved staying at Wolwedans:

“I have to admit that Wolwedans is far from a budget destination, and everyone traveling there knows that. However expensive it may be, here is why I’m okay with the costs and why we absolutely loved it.

1. The Conservation

Being a sustainable eco-lodge isn’t a cheap venture. There are going to be some setup costs to keep the NamibRand Nature Reserve so pristine. The Wolwedans team have taken years to build up the base camp to what it is today. The solar power, the water treatment, the plant nursery, and everything else has taken time and money to build. It feels good to stay at a place that is so committed to the fair treatment of the earth and its beauty. Every lodge is constructed in an eco-friendly manner, and every piece of Wolwedans can be removed easily so that one could never even tell there was a lodge in the desert to begin with.

Namibia is also an extremely dry country and there has been a drought there for the past four years. Wolwedans has therefore intervened and set up watering holes every 10 km so that the desert wildlife doesn’t completely die off.

2. The Staff

There are just about 80 staff members working for Wolwedans, and every single one of them played a special role in the whole operation. The staff here are well trained and many go to hospitality or tourism school in Namibia.


Even better, there is a school at Wolwedans teaching locals how to work in hospitality. Many of these students end up working for Wolwedans or other lodges across the country. We also loved that we were given a personal guide for our time at Wolwedans, a bushman from the Caprivi Strip. To sweeten the deal every night a staff member sings the dinner menu in their local language. The staff were incredibly welcoming and help create a wonderful atmosphere.

3. The Food

The food here is top notch African food. You won’t leave breakfast, lunch, or dinner feeling hungry or unhealthy for that matter! Breakfast usually kicks off with a choice of yogurt, fruit, eggs, or meat and cheese.


Lunch is always some form of salad with ingredients grown right from base camp. Dinner is a seven-course extravaganza that will make you feel good about walking back to your tent in the thick sand.

4. The Beauty

From the desert, to the lodges, to the morning views – everything is just so darn beautiful and dream worthy. I know that nature is free, but waking up to the sun rising over the red dunes (while still in a comfy bed) is something that will truly take your breath away.”

Read the full blog about their experiences at Wolwedans here: http://theworldpursuit.com/wolwedans-namibrand-eco-lodge/  

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