Battlefield Tours at Fugitives’ Drift

Battlefield Tours at Fugitives’ Drift

Situated on a 5000-acre Natural Heritage Site, overlooking both Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift, Fugitives’ Drift has become world-renowned for its battlefield tours to all the Zulu War battle sites.

Fought in 1879 between the British Empire and the Zulu Kingdom, the Anglo-Zulu War saw 15,000 British troops invade Zululand and is most infamous for the bloody battles that were fought in Isandlawana and Rorke’s Drift. It was here where Lieutenants Melvill and Coghill lost their lives attempting to save the Queen’s Colour of their regiment.

In an effort to savour this extraordinary saga, David and Nicky Rattray pioneered Heritage Tourism in South Africa and created Fugitives’ Drift; an award-winning lodge an excellent base from which to explore the battlefields. Led by some of the finest guides in South Africa, guests are taken on fascinating, and often thought-provoking tours, through the sites.


Here guests learn of the bravery and mobility of the Zulu army that defeated the British Army at the Battle of Isandlwana and listen at sunset to the famous story of Rorke’s Drift, where 139 British soldiers were attacked by 4000 Zulu warriors; a British victory which saw the award of more Victoria Crosses than in any other battle in history.


This is what a recent guest at Fugitives’ Drift had to say about the experience in a TripAdvisor Review:

“I first went to Fugitives Drift Lodhe in 2003 and the experience left a lasting impression. Since then I have recommended many friends to go there to learn more about the evolution of the people of South Africa. Whilst the tours concentrate on the battles at Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift one gets drawn in to the history of the Zulu nation.

This visit could not be faulted. The accommodation has been upgraded and there are very few places in the world that have such a wonderful view to wake up to. The food was excellent and of course there is Grace who looked after us and all the guests so well.”

If you’re planning on seeing the battlefield tours, here is our Fugitives’ Drift suggests you do it:

“On a one night stay, we recommend that you arrive before 1pm in order to join the afternoon tour to Rorke’s Drift. You would then do the Isandlwana tour the following morning and depart either after lunch or directly after the tour.

On a two night stay, you may choose whether to join the tour to Rorke’s Drift on the afternoon of your arrival or to wait until the following afternoon and undertake the tours in the correct historical order.

On a three night stay, you may split the tours and go to Isandlwana on the morning after your arrival and Rorke’s Drift on your second afternoon, thereby having the time to relax and enjoy other activities.”

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