Summer floods at Machaba Safari Camp

Summer floods at Machaba Safari Camp

After receiving a near record amount of rainfall this season, the rains have started to taper off and inland water sources have started depleting, causing the animals to return to the water sources around Machaba Safari Camp.

With the rain water overflowing the river banks, the flood plains areas are all submerged and Machaba Safari Camp has access to half the concession. While the vegetation may be lush and dense, there has been no shortage of wildlife sightings and the area’s predators are yet to disappoint.

It’s no secret that the cats of the Delta are not the biggest fans of getting their toes wet and they’ve been spending an obscene amount of their time in tree branches, patiently waiting for the water to dissipate so that they may roam their full territories again.

Even the lions have been climbing into the trees to gain a better vantage point and to keep dry. Every single morning, predator tracks can be seen on the way to breakfast, as the high dry land is far more condensed with all the animals steering clear of the marshy areas.

To demonstrate just how wet the area really is, just take a look at this photo of Moreri nervously testing the crossing:

Within a week of this picture the water levels were rising at a foot a day, safe to say Machaba did not use this crossing again, particularly after a drowned vehicle was spotted on the other side. The water levels are slowly dissipating now, but Machaba is apprehensively awaiting the arrival of the flood waters from Angola, where it is believed they received over 4000mm of rain water in their summer.

Despite the wetness, guests continue to be treated to some incredible sightings every day. It just goes to show, there’s never a bad time to visit Machaba!

A little more about Machaba Camp:
Situated in the game rich Khwai area in the north-eastern corner of the Okavango, Machaba Safari Camp is an independently owned and run luxury tented camp. Dotted between the large riverine trees, each of the luxury safari tents are built in the classic 1950’s style and boast en-suite bathrooms and living areas, as well as romantic outdoor showers.

Aimed at providing affordable luxury accommodation, this intimate camp will appeal to the novice safari guest as well as to the discerning, seasoned safari traveler.

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Call: +27 82 579 5249