After the Rains at Mowani Mountain Camp

After the Rains at Mowani Mountain Camp

Namibia’s epic rainy season is finally drawing to an end. Situated in the Twyfelfontein conservancy in north-western Namibia, Mowani Mountain Camp has received a total of 116mm of rain.

This is rather incredible when you compare it to the previous season, when just 59.5mm of rain fell. The area is looking lovely and lush and is currently covered in a thick green carpet of grass. Of course, all the grazing mammals in the area are taking full advantage of the grazing opportunities and are in stunning condition at the moment.


The ephemeral Huab River even flowed down to the lower reaches, which it has not done for some time now. The river is one of the country’s most important corridors for desert-adapted rhinos and elephants, and guests at Mowani are often treated to sightings of these incredible animals.


It’s not just the elephants and rhinos that are out and about in this area though. Recently, guests had an exceptional sighting of an aardvark mother and her baby whilst on a morning nature drive. As aardvarks are generally nocturnal, and also notoriously elusive, it was a truly phenomenal encounter. The guests were able to spend nearly half an hour with the aardvarks as they foraged across the plains, en-route to their burrow.

Aardvark in Namibia

Female aardvarks typically give birth once a year and the young will stay with their mother for about six months. After that, they begin digging out their own burrows. No doubt, it won’t be long before this little one moves out of mom’s house and begins a life of his own. It just goes to show that there is always something magical to be witnessed in Namibia’s wondrous Kunene region.

A little more about Mowani Mountain Camp

Mowani Mountain Camp is an oasis within the vast plains of Namibia’s Kunene region. Dwarfed by massive ochre boulders, the camp blends seamlessly into the landscape, making it part of  our shared history of life in this prehistoric land. Exuding a sense of rugged elegance and earthiness, Mowani offers 13 en-suite rooms with breath-taking views across the valley or hill top vistas, and 2 luxury suites, with open-air bathrooms, a large lounge and private deck for enjoying meals in peaceful seclusion. There are also 7 campsites with private ablution facilities and spectacular views across the valley.


Game drives, nature walks, elephant and dune drives (searching for the desert adapted elephant) and visits to Twyfelfontein are all experiences that guests can look forward to at Mowani.

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