Freedom in the hills at Three Trees

Freedom in the hills at Three Trees

Did you know that Three Tree Hill Lodge has a small herd of South Africa’s first indigenous horse breed, the Nooitgedacht?

The breed was developed during the 1950′s from the Basuto Pony, which was infused with some Boer and Arab blood. This was done primarily to save the famous Basuto from extinction, but also because South Africa needed an indigenous farm and riding horse adapted to conditions of the region.

They are of a compact build, with a short back, and a well-sloping shoulder. They are good natured and intelligent, extremely hardy with good bone structure, good joints, and excellent hooves which seldom require shoeing.

Come and join us for a ride in the hills, surrounded by spectacular scenery, big skies and sometimes wildlife along the way. Rides can be structured according to the experience level of the rider.

Photo by Paul Ferreira –

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