When the sun goes down at The Hide

When the sun goes down at The Hide

There is nothing quite as magic as night time in Hwange.

As the golden sun sets down to rest, the air becomes rich with the gentle, ambient chorus of nocturnal creatures.

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Small insects humming and chiming , night jars call mysteriously, doves coo softly, and if you listen carefully, you may hear the low rumble of elephants grazing near by, or even the occasional lions roar. It’s a magnificent treat for the senses, and what better way to soak it all in than a candle lit, outdoor bath with a view?

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The atmosphere around the dinner table is electric as guests and guides share their safari experiences over wine and a luxurious meal. If you’d prefer to indulge in the tranquility of the night’s skies, private dining under the stars is always an option.


For those a little more adventurous at heart, the night time game drive after dinner is a thrilling way to experience the bush and its insomniac creatures.


Some may prefer to retreat to the solitude of the tent and drift off to the hypnotic sounds that surround.

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