“Lost In The Dust” Exhibition opened by Three Trees Owner

“Lost In The Dust” Exhibition opened by Three Trees Owner

Hardly a dry eye in the crowd at the GFI Park Drive Art Gallery in Port Elizabeth as Simon Blackburn regaled, with vivid descriptions, the tragic story of the iconic Battle of Spioenkop during the Second Anglo-Boer War between 1899 and 1902.

Simon was speaking at a fundraiser for victims of the Eastern Cape Thornhill fires, which coincided with the “Lost In The Dust” exhibition by John Meyer now running at the GFI Art Gallery running until July 10 in association with the Grahamstown National Arts Festival.  John Meyer is South Africa’s leading contemporary realist artist. The collection is a powerful and emotionally raw demonstration of the truth about war and the people affected by it. The expansive oil paintings weave history, imagination and narrative into a multi-layered realm that deals with the tragedy of war. They are at once compelling, delicate, emotional and foreboding.

“Whether you’re five yrs old or ninety-five, hearing a story well told is gripping…Lets rekindle the lost art of story-telling.” – Simon

Simon’s story-telling can be enjoyed at Three Tree Hill Lodge.

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