Digital-Detox at Wolwedans Dune Camp

Digital-Detox at Wolwedans Dune Camp

Aimed at providing travellers with a ‘digital-detox’, the team at Wolwedans Dune Camp are in the process of pioneering new activities that will guide guests away from passive consumption and encourage more active participation.

Deliberately located far away from the stresses of everyday life – between grand mountain ranges, towering dunes and vast plains – it’s hard to imagine one not receiving the stillness and calm that come from the Namib desert while staying at Wolwedans Dune Lodge, or any of the sites for that matter. However, in our modern age of electronic devices, many people remained glued to their mobile screens and computers, even when surrounded by the incredible beauty of the NamibRand Nature Reserve.

Wolwedans Dune Camp

In an effort to combat this growing trend, the team at Wolwedans has decided to encourage their guests to switch off their devices and switch on their senses by actively getting involved in a variety of new activities that allow people to pause, reflect and reconnect with the important things in their life.

The first activity to really bring one back in touch is called Solitaire… and no, not the computer card game! Solitaire is a zero-impact, low-carbon activity, that takes visitors to some of the quietest places on the reserve and creates a solitary experience – to think, observe, meditate and rejuvenate.

Wolwedans Water-Walk
From the basin to the shower, it’s easy to forget that there is a complex water system helping to provide the convenience of running water in the middle of the desert. The Wolwedans Water-Walk is a zero-carbon, zero-impact activity that takes visitors on a guided, or self-guided walk along the water network, all the way to the state-of-the-art water pump room at our base village. It’s a journey of discovery and is designed to get guests active and learning, and encourage them to not only appreciate the miracle of the water supply but also conserve it.


Fat e-Bikes
Fat e-bike is a term coined by the makers of these exciting new devices. The name refers to the size of their tyres, which are wider than the standard mountain or racing bicycle. These solar-powered, 500W electric motor assisted bikes are designed for the red sand dunes of the Namib and vast flat Chateau plains. They provide the cyclist with a dual-powered experience that engages them physically, while also providing an extra push for up to 40km per charge, creating a truly exciting gliding effect and sand surfing-like experience.


Fat e-bikes make no noise and cause no damage to the natural environment, emit no poisonous exhaust fumes, have a zero-accident rate and leave such little track evidence that’s any traces are simply blown away by the next sand gust. As quad-bikes are completely off-limits in the NamibRand Private Nature Reserve, these super-charged fat e-bikes are the next best thing for nature lovers hoping to explore the desert environment up close. Bike tours on the reserve can accommodate large groups as well as couples and children. They also come with a 3-inch LCD colour display that provides interesting facts on your speed and distance while you’re gliding in the sand. This e-bike activity will be available at Wolwedans from mid-October 2017.


Internet Café
In another effort to encourage their guests to digitally-detox, Wolwedans only offers WIFI in their ‘Internet Cafes’ which are strategically placed away from the rooms, plunge pools and campfires.

These activities are all the result of Wolwedans’ decision to encourage visitors to distract themselves from their digital desires and reconnect with nature and their loved ones.

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