Christmas Safari at Ant’s

Christmas Safari at Ant’s

Christmas was a special affair at Ant’s

The day started with a morning activity of the guests’ choice, and then they met up at the dam for a mud fight. After a busy morning, the guests were treated to a long lunch with plenty of delicious food choices. Christmas presents were then brought in by an Ant’s ‘reindeer’, namely Smurf.


After all the festivities, a dip in the pool was exactly what was needed to cool off and relax. It was a wonderful day enjoyed by all who were involved.


In other news, Ant’s recently welcomed two new ponies to the family – Patrick and Chutney. These two Shetland-cross little ponies have the personalities of stallions and came from a nearby farm where they were loved by two kids who, sadly, grew too big for them. Chutney is around 12 years old while Patrick is a sprightly 16-year-old.


While these guys are the newest additions to the team, they have exceeded expectations and were absolute stars when it came to their first busy family season where there were lots of little ones to take on rides. They provided a great amount of fun for the kids as well as some amusement for the parents as there is nothing quite like a little fat pony strutting around with all the attitude of a much larger horse. We are looking forward to many more adventures with these two cheeky ponies in the future!

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