It’s a Bee-autiful Life at Jaci’s Safari Lodge

It’s a Bee-autiful Life at Jaci’s Safari Lodge

Jaci’s Safari Lodge is a veritable hive of activity and excitement as we have officially bottled our first batch of honey, made with love in Madikwe!

Our pure, raw, natural (and might we add, delicious) honey is the result of careful planning and a lengthy process, but definitely worth the wait!


A catch box was hung on a branch at Jaci’s Safari Lodge at the beginning of September 2017 to lure bees away from public areas into a manageable hive. The bees had all moved into the box by mid-September and were then transferred to a bigger hive within a wire cage for protection from the honey badger. The hive was opened and inspected in the middle of December and we celebrated a successful harvest in the middle of January!


We’re so chuffed with our busy bees who have produced the first ever honey from Madikwe, that we’re already looking forward to our next batch which will be professionally labelled and available for our guests’ enjoyment. Jaci’s Lodges Badger-friendly honey is produced by Angus Hudson from Zubbees Honey.


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