Latest News from Three Tree Hill

Latest News from Three Tree Hill

Christmas Eve 2017 was celebrated with Zulu tenor, Mxolisi, who brought on the sunset with his magnificent voice rolling over the hills as guests watched the sunset over the Drakensberg mountains.

Families with children enjoyed toasting their own “stick-breads” on the open fire, whilst parents sipped on craft gin and tonic under the shade of an ancient Acacia tree.

The Falcon Ridge Raptor Display

Taking place in the Champagne Valley, this raptor display continues to wow spectators with their enthralling aerial displays. This is an incredible chance to see large birds of prey up close and personal, together with the opportunity to watch them hunt with dogs. Fascinating for adults and children alike, this one hour display takes place against the backdrop of the Drakensberg mountains, so is really worth the visit.

Falcon Ridge Raptor Display

Burchells Cottage

Burchells Cottage is a new 2-bedroom family cottage (to sleep 2 adults, 4 children) being built at present. It overlooks Spioenkop Game Reserve and is named after William John Burchell, who was an English explorer, naturalist, traveller, artist, and author. Burchell travelled in South Africa between 1810 through to 1815, collecting over 50,000 specimens, and covering more than 7000 km of mostly unexplored terrain. Burchell’s extensive African collections included plants, animal skins, skeletons, insects, seeds, bulbs and fish. He is known for the copious and accurate notes he made to accompany every collected specimen, detailing habit and habitat, as well as the numerous drawings and paintings of landscapes, portraits, costumes, people, animals and plants.The cottage will reflect this naturalist explorer theme and is due to be completed in May 2018.

Burchells Site

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