The Holiday Season that keeps on giving at Mowani

The Holiday Season that keeps on giving at Mowani

At Mowani Mountain Camp the holidays are a very special time of year with guests visiting from all over the world to experience the magic of the Kunene region in Namibia.

One early morning on a nature drive, as the sun pierced through the fog in the Abu Huab River Valley, an unusual sighting caught the attention of our Guide; it was a hartebeest in a Mopani tree! He carefully inspected the area and signs of activity around this carcass and concluded that it was indeed fresh, as only leopard tracks were spotted in the area. Management at Mowani Mountain Camp promptly set up a camera trap to try and photograph the ever-elusive leopard. Days went by and anticipation built at the camp as everyone wondered what the camera trap would show. And they were not disappointed! Footage of a massive male leopard feeding on the carcass was captured daily, as well as footage of a jackal being chased off. This leopard was clearly not keen to share! His reign over the carcass only ended when a spotted hyena showed up to finish off what was left of the leopard’s kill.


Further down in the riverbed there was also plenty to get excited about. The Desert-adapted elephants are the stars of every nature drive for guests of Mowani Mountain Camp, and recently several herds have begun to migrate back to the Abu Huab in anticipation of rain. This has resulted in spectacular sightings of the elephants, sometimes in herds of more than 20 elephants. Late December, while watching the elephants peacefully browse on Camelthorn seed pods, a guide at Mowani spotted the newest addition to the local herds – a tiny baby elephant not more than a day old!


He came wobbling from under his mother’s legs for all the guests to enjoy. Initially, the team at Mowani was concerned about the health of the youngster and were apprehensive in celebrating his arrival. After all, the harsh conditions of the area have claimed more than one new-born elephant. However, over the past weeks, we have watched his strength grow, and he is now more playful than ever and able to navigate through the riverbed to follow his mother and the rest of the herd.

We cannot wait to see what else nature has in store at Mowani Mountain Camp in 2018.


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