Renovations at The Hide

Renovations at The Hide

So far, 2018 has been a productive few months for us at The Hide! We are currently undergoing renovations and are excited to share with you our plans and progress. 

What started out as a vision to create an exceptional safari experience 25 years ago, has grown to become one of the most established and awarded camps in Southern Africa.

With this in mind, we continuously strive to find new and innovative ways to improve our facilities and standards, with the ongoing goal to enhance the comfort and overall experience of our guests.

Revamping the Main A–frame has been the focus of our labour. We are currently revamping the decking around the pool area, creating a new and more modern breakfast bar area and opening out the sides of the A-frame to give it an overall more spacious look and feel. We are also very excited to share with you the new pool and decking area at the Private Hide.

The Hide Sunset drinks

Lion Encounter

Working at a safari camp in the untamed wilderness of Hwange national park certainly comes with an array of extraordinary encounters! We love hearing the exciting tales and experiences from our team at camp. Here is one particularly adrenaline-fueled encounter from a very brave member of our team:

“It was one of those many wonderfully peaceful evenings at The Hide. The guests had gone out on a night drive after dinner and Nick and I decided to enjoy a few moments in the warmth of the fire while we awaited their return. We were sitting quite content listening to the sounds of the night when one sound caught my attention suddenly. It was the soft rustle of a creature moving slowly through grass, just on the other side of the log boundary. This is a familiar sound, as the bushbuck are known to walk in the cover of the long green grass, and then appear in front of you as if trying to join the conversation. Looking for the source of the rustling, I asked Nick for his torch and shed light on what I thought would be the two bushbuck who tend to frequent that area.  In fact, it was two lions. They were 5 meters away from us, on the hunt, slinking stealthily through the grass. And then, another two appeared. “Oh my goodness!” I whisper, as my brain processes the fact that there are four lions walking past us in the dead of night. No radio, no defense, nobody else around. “Okay,” says Nick casually, “Stand up really slowly and get behind me.” I very willingly follow his instruction, wanting nothing more than to run and hide. We made our way at a snail’s pace, walking back to back, into the safety of the main Private Hide area – a process that seemed to take an eternity.

Thankfully the lions were much more interested in whatever animals they were stalking than us. They slowly made their way past the camp and disappeared into the cool night in search of dinner, leaving me and Nick with adrenaline coursing through our bodies.”


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