Responsible Fishing at Changa Safari Camp

Responsible Fishing at Changa Safari Camp

Hidden away in the magnificent Matusadona mountain range, Changa Safari Camp is in the heart of Lake Kariba, boasting nearly 4km of lakeshore frontage.

Lake Kariba is the world’s largest man-made lake, covering almost 5,600 square kilometers. This vast expanse of fresh water is home to some fantastic fish species including the famous tigerfish, Tilapia bream, Catfish and the mighty Vundu. Needless to say, for most of the year round, Lake Kariba is one of the greatest places in Africa for fishing and it is one of the favorite activities at Changa Safari Camp.


While fishing for sport is a great way to get out and experience wild and untamed places, we recognize and respect the importance of responsible fishing. Catch and release fishing is widely recognized as an environmentally friendly way of fishing and has been adopted around the world as a conservation measure.

At Changa Safari Camp, we proudly practice and encourage sustainable fishing on our boats to ensure that our enjoyment of the area and its resources can be sustained and continued perpetually. A wonderful example of ethical fishing practiced by a guest recently was an incredible bottlenose fish weighing in at 5kg, caught and successfully released by Michael Snape.


Blessed are the Rains!

The green season is a fantastic time of year to visit Kariba as the flora and fauna are lush and alive with the symphony of birds and crickets. The season is typical of a tropical system with clouds building in the morning, usually resulting in a late afternoon downpour. The clouds can clear at any moment, leaving you standing in the dazzling sunshine, and glistening scenery. The dramatic cloud formations make the ideal backdrop for photography, adding drama to landscapes.


During late February, whilst filming our latest promotional video, we encountered a few tremendous thunderstorms and much needed heavy rains. The film crew caught a few incredible moments on camera, encapsulating the strikingly beautiful iconic skies of Matusadona during the rainy season.


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