The Delights of the Emerald Season at Ghoha Hills

The Delights of the Emerald Season at Ghoha Hills

The Emerald Season in Botswana is the time of year when new life is breathed into the expansive Chobe region.

Dramatic storms and unforgiving rains replenish the landscape and provide the perfect opportunity for new life to flourish. Of course, with ample flora emerging from water-soaked terrain, it means an endless supply of herbivorous delights for elephants and plains game.

With the herbivores emerging from hidden corners of the reserve, Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge has observed an influx of predators also enjoying the prevalence of the vegetarians of the Savuti. This green season certainly brings with it opportunities to observe the food chain in action.

Lioness at Ghoha Hills

Waterholes are now no longer the only place to view game. There are ample places throughout the Ghoha traverse that provide access to water. Sightings aren’t as concentrated around waterholes, and instead, we’re seeing big game and other wildlife dotted across the plains.

Wildebeest at Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge

Just recently, Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge hosted an educational where a visiting videographer managed to capture a few scenes on camera. An endearing sighting of a monogamous pair of jackal feasting on earthworms was caught on camera, and there was also a bounty of elephant sightings enjoyed by all.

The birdlife is prolific, with the waders enjoying easy access to a variety of fish species. Lifers such as the Dickinson kestrel (an uncommon resident) and the more common colourful Meyer’s parrot also made for exquisite birdwatching. Plains game such as sable and waterbuck have also been spotted grazing in harmony, and plenty of antelope have been seen hiding in the long grasses.

The landscape is a kaleidoscope of colour and animal activity at the moment, making it an ideal time to visit Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge.

A little more about Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge:
Perched high on the granite hills of the Savuti Plains of Chobe National Park in Botswana, overlooking extensive grasslands and rolling savannahs, it’s hard not to be impressed by the location of Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge.

Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge

Constructed on raised wooden platforms, Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge has two luxury family tents and nine tents with twin beds with private decks. The thatched main area of Ghoha Hills includes a dining area, reading areas, a bar and curio shop for souvenirs. Aimed at providing a first-class safari experience to even the most discerning of travellers, this eco-friendly lodge offers a truly unique safari experience in Botswana.

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