The Making of a Symphony at Wolwedans

The Making of a Symphony at Wolwedans

They say that, when opportunity knocks on the door, its hard work that answers.

At Wolwedans, almost a year ago – a unique opportunity came knocking in the form of a cultural intervention. At its inception in 2017, the CUBE project, as its come to be known, was a daring feat that seemed impossible and exhilarating at the same time.

After months of planning, the CUBE finally arrived at Wolwedans. What it would become was anybody’s guess, however, in a dual international team effort that spanned across 2 continents and brought together the creativity and dedication of over 50 people working together to create something amazing – the CUBE Desert Symphony project was finally born.

In the heart of the NamibRand Nature Reserve at the foot of the Chateau House in the Chateau Plains, a glass cube has been erected. Inside the cube is a grand piano, which was strategically delivered and assembled at Wolwedans. Each morning for the next 40 days and nights, the Stranger will devote himself entirely to the composition of a desert symphony.


The Stranger is a critically acclaimed pianist. He visited Wolwedans a year ago; in fact, he visited 4 times over the course of the year to plan his mammoth task with his team. His dream was to find a place on planet earth that would provide him with a true sense of isolation, where he could create his art. He looked far and wide and when he eventually found Wolwedans, he knew he had found that place. He has been performing his music for many decades and his project will span over the next 10 years in various key locations around the world. This is the origin location and the start of this incredible musical journey.


Wolwedans was proud to also have one of its team members selected to join the Stranger and his team in Munich to create the cover images for his project and website.

Since his return, he has been staying at the modest Chateau, a tiny little house in the middle of the desert at Wolwedans, from which he will methodically visit his CUBE every day and add to his symphony. The project has gone live and his creation is being streamed via Soundcloud daily. These pieces of music have become our soundtrack and we are proud and quite relieved to see it unfold so beautifully.

At Wolwedans, Culture is key. To have become involved in this project is a moving opportunity and one that has tested the limits of our teams’ ability to pull off and embrace the unknown. Experience this once-in-a-lifetime musical memory with us by visiting their website: Stream the symphony as it’s created live here:

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