Baking and Big Cats at Little Governors’ Camp

Baking and Big Cats at Little Governors’ Camp

Combining some of East Africa’s most spectacular scenery, beautiful accommodation, and excellent service, with a dash of luxury and sprinkling of indulgence; Little Governors’ Camp has perfected the recipe for a flawless safari.

After over 40 years of being in operation, Little Governors’ Camp knows what it takes to create the safari experience of a lifetime. Every aspect is considered, down to the very last detail. That means they know that every great holiday must include some mouth-watering meals! In order to keep the menu fresh, and the chefs at Little Governors’ inspired, the team recently welcomed back long-time guest and Governors’ friend, Mary Lau to Little Governors’ Camp. Mary had been on safari in the Masai Mara with Little Governors’ many times, but this time was a little different.

As Mary is a pastry expert, this time she came to train the chefs in new pastry and sweets recipes. She had chefs from all the Governors’ Camps in the Little Governors training kitchen.

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The team were turning out delicious dishes such as breakfast churros, chocolate tarts, Pistachio Dacquoise with Creme Diplomat, coconut pannacotta with palm syrup and caramelised pineapple.

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Between training sessions, Mary had time to head out on some short game drives and, as usual, the Mara did not fail to deliver its wonderful big cat sightings.

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A little more about Little Governors’ Camp: 
Located on the edge of the Masai Mara National Reserve, this intimate safari camp encompasses 17 luxury en-suite tents positioned around a central natural watering hole that teems with wildlife around the year. Reachable only by a quick boat ride across the Mara River and an escorted walk through the forest, the camp offers its guests complete peace and privacy. Each tent offers its own wooden deck where guests can enjoy undisturbed views of the constant wildlife activity around the watering hole. Little Governors Camp runs on 100% solar energy and has been awarded a Gold Eco-Rating from Eco Tourism Kenya due to their sustainable practices in place in camp.

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