Blooming Aloes at Fugitives’ Drift

Blooming Aloes at Fugitives’ Drift

June has arrived and the bush around Fugitives’ Drift Lodge has changed from lush green to yellows and browns.

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The aloes are starting to flower, and the hillsides are now peppered with the most beautiful colours imaginable. It is always fascinating to watch the transformation of the environment happen so quickly. Less than a month ago everything was green!

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We have had a couple of frosty mornings already, and this no doubt speeds up the transformation. This is most definitely our favourite time of the year, the Impala have finished rutting so we expect lots of little ones in November and December.

The Buffalo River is running clear a now that the rains have stopped, and the often elusive Natal Yellowfish are starting to take a fly now that the water is less turbid. These fish, while not enormous are great fun to catch on a fly rod. The river’s flow is still very good at the moment after the good summer rain, so all bodes well for a great time on the river for those keen angler/historians with a free morning or afternoon.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing we have found in the last few weeks was not one but TWO very large African Rock Pythons. The first was found by our reserve staff in the little stream below the lodge, she was around five meters long but just a little thin.

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Perhaps hanging around the stream and waiting for an early winter meal to see her through to the summer. The second was found by Andrew while on his way out to Rorke’s Drift, the was much excitement in the vehicle as none of the guests had ever seen such a big snake in the wild, she was stretched almost right across the road! We aren’t sure why these rare and beautiful creatures are showing themselves at this time of the year but it just shows that one should always expect the unexpected!


Our tours to Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift are still as popular as ever, if not just a little chillier. We are timing the Rorke’s Drift tour beautifully with the sunsets at the moment on these shorter days and Binion’s famous words: ‘’And at the going down of the sun, and in the morning. We will remember them.’’ Lest we forget the men on both sides who gave their lives in this fascinating conflict between these two great empires and fertilized this beautiful land with brave men’s blood.

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