Cottar’s Modern Means of Movement

Cottar’s Modern Means of Movement

At Cottar’s, we hope to engage our clients in the true essence of safari, as well as take care of the environment around us by using resources efficiently.

We need to be responsible and accountable and so we try to optimise our vehicle usage as much as possible. Bush walks and E-bike rides are an amazing way to view wildlife as all your senses come alive, and the proximity to the wildlife, flora and fauna is something that everyone should experience once in their lifetime.


We encourage our guests to do a bush walk, run with a Maasai or go on an E-bike bush ride for this unique experience and to help us reduce our fuel consumption and carbon footprint.


We have 6 E-bikes in total, 2 are for our guides and 4 are for guests.

Let’s travel responsibly.

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