Kitich Opens for The New Season

Kitich Opens for The New Season

After closing for the annual long rains, Kitich Camp recently opened and is ready for another spectacular safari season!

Camp Life at Kitich
With unprecedented rains this year, Emma Hedges and the team at camp have been busy getting everything ready for the start of the season. This typically dry area is unrecognizable, brimming full of colourful wildflowers, swaying golden grasses and incredibly green trees! Around camp, roads and roofs have been repaired, and flush toilets have been added to two of the tents.


Up in The Air
The most exciting news, however, is the introduction of the new ‘Kitich Connections’. Safari dreaming is one step closer at Kitich as the camp his launching flying connections via a Cessna 206. This connects Kitich Forest Camp to some of the most iconic destinations and experiences to be had in Kenya.

The flight provides easy access to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary which can now become part of your Kitich Forest Camp experience. Alternately, one can simply enjoy connecting to other destinations in northern Kenya or explore more of the magical north by booking a scenic flight. The flight provides a great opportunity to explore more of the iconic north Kenyan landscape from the highest peaks of the Mathews Mountains, to the Ndoto Mountain, the Milgis and the incredible Lake Turkana.


This new development will make it incredibly easy for travellers planning a safari to link Samburu Kalama, Kitich, Lewa, Loisaba and Meru!

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Down on The Ground
Kitich is about exploring on foot and discovering the Mathews Forest with dedicated ‘guardians of the forest’ – the local Ndorobo and Samburu. With 22 different walking trails and hikes within the forest, there are plenty of opportunities to witness the diversity of this ancient forest.


Contact Kitich Camp
Tel. +254 202663397 / 3598871