Lewa’s Lodge Upgrades

Lewa’s Lodge Upgrades

Lewa Wilderness took the chance during their closed season (April-May) to upgrade and refurbish parts of the lodge.

Due to copious amounts of rain during these two months, it was hit or miss if they would be completed for the start of the season on the 1st June. The main deck in the living area has been totally re-done. It has doubled in size and now includes an amazing new double-sided bar which has beautiful views of the hillside. This has also provided a great viewing platform over the river as well as adding more outside dining space.


The Den

Our interactive guides room, The Den, is in full swing and guests are loving being able to track the wildlife they see on Lewa each day. This gives them an insight into the distances the wildlife moves on a daily basis and provides a greater understanding of the landscape they are on.

New Cars

With a new car in toe, all our cars have been upgraded with new roof shades, photography beanbags, a new lick of paint and wonderful new Lewa Wilderness logo stickers! With 8 cars in total, we can offer a mixture of closed, semi-open and fully open cars meaning there is something for everyone.


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