Clear Skies and Lunar Eclipse at Pumulani

Clear Skies and Lunar Eclipse at Pumulani

This year marks Pumulani’s 10th anniversary! And what a wonderful ten years it has been. As Pumulani enters the double digits, we look back at a few fond memories and interesting facts over the decade:

• Approximately 21,600 bed nights occupied since opening – thank you for staying with us.
• The ‘world’ has been to stay – hosted guests from over 60 different countries.
• Added a state of the art Star Gazer, the only one of its kind in Malawi – the milky way has never looked this good…
• Added another pool, right on the beach front; adding to the variety of areas to enjoy lounging at the lodge.
• Romance galore! Hosted three glorious weddings and hundreds of romantic honeymoons.
• Witnessed thousands of the most spectacular sunsets over Lake.
• Consumed copious amounts of gin & tonics!

We also had some celebrations for the staff who have been with us since the beginning and, as appreciation for their loyal and excellent service, they were each given a bicycle.


Guests have been enjoying some stunning sunsets on the dhow with clear crisp skies. Speaking of clear skies we had the most wonderful clear evening and were able to watch the second lunar eclipse of 2018 through our own FS2 telescope. This was the longest eclipse of the 21st century, lasting 103 minutes and we were treated to the entire show.


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