Dry Season at The Hide

Dry Season at The Hide

As to be expected during the driest month of the year, Hwange’s vast plains are alive with the hustle and bustle of animals seeking water, making for some incredible game viewing.


Although we have had a short bout of unusually cooler weather, daytime temperatures have dramatically increased in the last few days as well as the number of animals seeking to quench their thirst at The Hide’s waterhole alongside the camp. The moment the first herd of buffalo makes an appearance in the dry season is always very exciting and over the past month, we have seen herds of over 200 buffalo coming down to the waterhole in clouds of dust, turning the vast plains into hazy palettes of burnt orange and gold in the late afternoons.


We have seen large congregations of elephant wallowing and spraying themselves with their trunks in the cool waters, often alongside a variety of plains game.

It seems as though everyone is eager to join in on the fun and we have even had the elusive and endangered African Painted dogs on the concession. Often they are seen right in front of the camp, a photographer’s dream!


October also brings with it an inflation of migratory birds, broad-billed rollers from Central Africa and Steppe Eagles from Europe as well as our resident beauties, Cattle Egrets and the Violet-eared Waxbills to name a few.


There is a palpable air of excitement as the dry season intensifies and we look forward to the much-anticipated rains.

All photographs were taken by The Hide’s head guide: Daffy Murumahoko

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