Spectacular Day Trips from Three Tree Hill

Spectacular Day Trips from Three Tree Hill

The imposing Drakensberg escarpment as we know it is the product of millions of years of sculpting by the elements.

The foundations of the mountain range reach back billions of years. Its formation provides a fascinating story, and its dramatic rock walls and deep, green valleys have provided a home for an ever-changing variety of life through the ages.

Towards the end of the period during which the sandstone was deposited, a long period of desiccation occurred with the deposition being caused no longer by rivers, but by wind in a desert environment. These wind-blown deposits formed the Cave Sandstone and built up the massive sandstone cliffs which today run along the entire length of the Drakensberg sometimes reaching heights of 200 metres.

A short drive from Three Tree Hill brings one face to face with these enormous formations, providing a spectacular backdrop for a picnic or hike.

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