Tena Tena closes for the season

Tena Tena closes for the season

We are being catapulted towards the end of the season and Tena Tena has now officially closed until next year. 

The unfathomable speed at which the team is able to pack up the camp is astounding.  Spending a month putting the camp up at the beginning of the season, it can take just 3 days to get everything washed, counted and packed up.  It’s like a whirlwind and you don’t want to stand in the way that is for sure.  There seems to be an innate panic instilled in the Tena team worrying about the rain coming and not being able to pack things up properly but also let’s face it, getting home to their families is certainly something to look forward to.  This year was no exception and after possibly one of our busiest, the seasons the team certainly deserves a well-earned break. Here are some images from what was a wonderful season at Tena Tena:


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