Wildlife Action at Mashatu

Wildlife Action at Mashatu

Action, adrenaline, something constantly happening…that’s Mashatu Game Reserve.

And these adjectives have never been so well suited to Mashatu as they were during the first week of October. Mashatu is renowned for “the kill” being witnessed. This is due to the high predator populations, as well as the vast open plains and short grass. Although Mashatu never really gets more than 30 days of rain a year, October is the driest month and the predators seem to have turned the reserve into a buffet. With so many cubs around, it is not surprising that there are plenty of hungry bellies to feed.

2015 Mashatu 0872Image: Bruce Varley

Seven kills witnessed in just five days:

Day One
- 1 x cheetah killed impala
- 1 x pride of lions killed giraffe
- 2 x leopard killed impala

_DSC1105Image: Rodger Bowren

Day Two
- 1 x cheetah killed eland calf

Day Five
- 1 x pride of lions killed eland
- 1 x cheetah killed impala


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