Elephants tripping through fields of yellow flowers at Mashatu

Elephants tripping through fields of yellow flowers at Mashatu

February has always been one of the most beautiful months at Mashatu.

Although it is very hot, the bush is alive with all the migratory birds and animals dancing amongst the green Mopane trees. With only an average of 4 days of rain in February, the grass at Mashatu remains very short throughout the ‘green season,’ thus making it the perfect safari destination to visit and photograph wildlife with ease.

However, February 2019 was an exceptionally special one. With the tail end of some tropical storms from the Indian Ocean, southern Botswana was treated to a few good thunderstorms and it’s after this rain, that the magic of Mashatu was revealed.

Every plain was covered in the yellow Devil’s Thorn flowers (Tribulus terrestris). The elephants seemed to be gliding through a carpet of yellow, while the herds of 200 elands created a spectacular display galloping across the yellow plains.

Cheetah and lions playing amongst the flowers, framed by blue skies and green bushes, made for some exquisite images. The photographers at Mashatu left with videos and images awash with yellow.


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