Rhino Levy at Onguma

Rhino Levy at Onguma

Rhino Levy Introduction – Onguma Introducing White Rhino

Onguma Game Reserve, on the border Etosha National Park has always been a black rhino stronghold because we have invested heavily in anti-poaching, including state of the art equipment and training over the past ten years. Given our success with the Black Rhino, we have taken an exciting decision to re-introduce White Rhino in late 2019. With this in mind, we will be increasing our anti-poaching efforts to ensure our rhinos continue to enjoy the safety of our reserve and we will continue with our recently introduced Rhino Conservation Levy of N$100 per bed night. We believe strongly in this cause and in order to continue to do it well, we look forward to welcoming you and your guests on Onguma for future generations to come.

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Appointment of Andrea Hugo

Onguma is delighted to announce the appointment of Andrea Hugo Associates as our North American representatives. With Andrea’s excellent reputation and a network of contacts, we look forward to seeing more guests from the USA.

Andrea says of her appointment: “Ever since my representation company started in the 1990′s I have wanted to represent properties in Namibia. Namibia’s stark beauty and dramatic landscapes evident in Sossusvlei and the Skeleton Coast, together with the game rich Etosha area make it a fabulous tourist destination. My first visit to Namibia was in the 1980′s when I still lived in South Africa. I was fortunate enough to fly over this vast country and take in all the contrasting topographies. The sheer magnificence left me overwhelmed and totally in awe. Another visit was in celebration of a friend’s birthday and we hiked over sand dunes and went to bed under the stars and woke up to the glorious sunrise – not a wall or ceiling in site! We are now excited to be sharing the new product in our portfolio – Onguma!! The lodging is luxurious and fits in well with a Namibian circuit. Emily has also done a Namibian circuit and can share her experiences with you. We are both excited to share this beautiful product with you!”


Please feel free to contact her directly at africa@andreahugo.com

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