Sea and Safari Experiences at Anvil Bay

Sea and Safari Experiences at Anvil Bay

Anvil Bay is a unique luxury eco-lodge that offers its guests 5km of pristine and protected coastline. However, the exclusive allure of Anvil Bay extends further than just these 5km.

Its prime secluded location makes this cove borderline reclusive, a private paradise that is hidden away from the masses. Anvil Bay is a true rarity, an endangered place that few get to experience. Where organic nature outweighs the man-made. Where bright constellations are unpolluted city lights.

It is a retreat for those who wish to reconnect with raw nature, and it invites you to refresh your perspective through barefoot minimalism all while comforted by all the luxury accompaniments that make a holiday worth the trip from home. It is a mecca where you can create memories that matter.

children at Anvil Bay

Every year between August and March, Anvil Bay experiences the annual turtle laying and hatching season. Between September and February, the local loggerhead and leatherback turtles that are usually seen on trips to our nearby reefs, crawl up onto the beach to lay their eggs safely under the sand. Each turtle laying up to four times each season and over 100 eggs per lay.

Then between November and March, Anvil Bay gets the rare opportunity to watch over the hatching of hundreds of baby turtles as they make their way into the ocean. The recent turtle season was especially successful, and many turtle hatchlings made it from the nest into the ocean, thanks to the expert Anvil Bay turtle monitors, who ensure the safety of these vulnerable species, by tirelessly protecting the turtles, eggs, and hatchlings when they cannot protect themselves.

Guests and staff alike watched and wished the new hatchlings well as they disappeared into the gentle waves. They hope to see them again soon when they return to lay the next generation of hard-shelled soldiers.

Then between July and November, Anvil Bay becomes the prime location to watch the whale migration, as they travel close to the shore and are easily spotted from the beach, playing just behind the breakers, making more of a splash than the waves they play in.


Anvil Bay is the only lodge in the Maputo Special Reserve, Mozambique’s premier national park, and one of the world’s most biodiverse eco-regions, most renowned for its diversity and a wide variety of endemic wildlife. Since 2013, more than 4200 animals have been translocated to Maputo Special Reserve through a multi-year rewilding project led by Peace Parks Foundation in support of Mozambique’s National Administration of Conservation Areas.

Species reintroduced over the past eight years include warthog, kudu, nyala, and giraffe, as well as a variety of plains game such as impala, waterbuck, blue wildebeest and zebra, each having their own role to play in restoring the Maputo Special Reserve ecosystem.

During 2018, buffalo were brought in from Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa. Because of growing animal populations, Tembe’s carrying capacity came under pressure resulting in 39 buffalo and 49 nyalas being relocated to Maputo Special Reserve. In addition, the reserve received 95 zebra and 20 impalas from South Africa this year, which further boosted game numbers.

Maputo Special Reserve is a conservation success story. It is well-managed and protected – strengthened by impactful trans-frontier cooperation between parks and partners within the Lubombo TFCRA who meet regularly to develop joint development and protection strategies. The Reserve combines coastal lakes, wetlands, swamp forests, grasslands, and mangrove forests and has a pristine coastline that supports a wide variety of birds. It is quickly developing into a prime tourist destination which will be enhanced with the planned development of new tourism camps within the Reserve, further unlocking economic opportunities for local communities.

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