Enjoying the Green Season at The Hide

Enjoying the Green Season at The Hide

The past few months have seen everyone at The Hide, Hwange National Park, reveling in the Green Season.

The Green Season starts from the end of October with the first rains and heralds exciting new arrivals all-round – green growth, baby animals, plentiful water and migrant birds from all over the world – north Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. It is a time of abundance and promise, when the skies fill with rainclouds and make way for spectacular sunsets.

The rains bring out a vast and varied number of insects, too – both migrant and local birds have enjoyed a feast. This, as well as the fruit-bearing trees, provides an incredible food source for the birds and ensures a successful breeding season.


March sightings included crimson-breasted shrikes, Rufous-naped larks, and weaverbirds (the tireless males continue to build new nests, sometimes up to ten, until the female is happy with the construction).


Also on our list – a female leopard sighting, some up-close time with magnificent lion brothers, Humba and Netsai, and a dramatic standoff between lion and buffalo on the concession.


The green season is never boring and the lush wilderness, abundant birdlife, and quieter game viewing opportunities are often the preference of guests.

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