Learning to Count at Mashatu

Learning to Count at Mashatu

In February 2019, Mashatu Game Reserve decided that game statistics needed to be recorded, and since then, the statistics have been spectacular.

An average of 13 kills are witnessed each month by our guests, from the stalk to the actual killing of the prey. In July alone, 19 kills were witnessed.

Kill Statistics Jpeg

The predator sightings are also particularly strong at Mashatu, but it’s the unique species like porcupines, African Wildcat and honey badgers which seem to delight our guests even more!

July Wildlife Statistics Jpeg

Mashatu’s famous underground photographic hide was opened by PhotoMashatu 10 years ago. It is now a daily drinking spot for large herds of elephant as well as eland, zebra, warthogs, troops of baboons and more recently the predators. In one week, guests were treated to lion, leopard, and cheetah at the hide. And then it was 3 more lion sightings to follow that. It seems the sub-adult lion cubs are rather inquisitive as to what is happening in the hide.

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