Little Governors’ Camp: An All Time Favourite with Guests and Elephants Alike

Little Governors’ Camp: An All Time Favourite with Guests and Elephants Alike

Little Governors’ has been a top choice for travellers to the Masai Mara over many years; both repeat visitors who set about planning their return as soon as they get home, and also first-time safari-goers who arrive with no idea of what to expect from their Kenya safari.

From the short but exciting boat ride across the Mara River, followed by an escorted walk through riverine forest, arriving at Little Governors’ Camp is an adventure in itself!


Once in camp, guests are endeared by the ‘home away from home’ feel of the central lounge area which offers up cozy couches and an incredible view across the marsh area which is frequented by all sorts of game including resident hippo and herds of buffalo. If you didn’t meet them on your way in, it’s only a matter of time before a habituated family of warthog including mum, dad, and up to six babies, rush past your lunch table with no cause for concern.



The camp is completely unfenced and just when you think you’ve seen it all, the staff may interrupt your lunch and ask you to make way for ‘Blossom’, a lone bull elephant who has been visiting us for the last fifteen years. Presumed to be around forty years old and standing well over ten feet tall, Blossom does not reckon to make any mealtime reservations; he simply strolls right through as and when he pleases, much to the surprise and delight of all our guests.


Small and exclusive with just seventeen tents positioned around the edge of the marsh, you never lose sight of the constant hive of activity that plays out in front of the camp throughout the day – and night! Hippos snorting, baboons screeching and lions roaring provide an around-the-clock sound show, and more often than not, your 4 o’clock game drive may be slightly delayed as you wait inside your tent while an elephant enjoys a leisurely graze just two feet from your verandah.


The Grammaticas family were pioneers in providing a traditional safari adventure as early as the 1970’s and to this day, the aim has been to stay true to the original experience as much as possible. Over the years, comfortable amenities such as solar-heated showers, plumbed toilets and Reverse Osmosis water units have been added to the tents, which combine beautifully with simple, explorer-style furnishings such as wooden and canvas director’s chairs, luggage racks and a writing table. The result is an alluring mix of old-world travel, discreetly enhanced with all the necessary mod cons.


Guests can enjoy up to three game drives per day, in and around one of the Mara’s best wildlife locations that has attracted a number of landmark series such as BBC Earth’s ‘Dynasties’ and Animal Planet’s ‘Big Cat Tales’ to be filmed here. Governors’ has been the ‘go-to’ camp in hosting such renowned filmmakers and their crew for many years.



We are pleased to announce that we are once again offering guided walking safaris from any of our Mara camps. This popular activity enables you to leave your vehicle behind and take a guided walk with one of our experienced and qualified naturalists for the true thrill of the bush! Down on the same level as the animals, you will experience the untamed beauty of your wild surroundings, in a private concession area adjacent to Masai Mara Game Reserve.

Should you like the idea of something completely different – why not take a flight with Governors’ Balloon Safaris and enjoy your wildlife sightings with an entirely different perspective from way up high!



Written by Jess Savage, Governors’ Camp Collection. All photos © Governors’ Camp Collection.

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