Picture Perfect Photographic Safaris at Jaci’s Safari Lodge

Picture Perfect Photographic Safaris at Jaci’s Safari Lodge

With the breathtaking vistas of Madikwe Game Reserve as the backdrop and a diverse variety of wildlife as the subject matter, Jaci’s Lodges’ complete photographic offering caters to all guests, whether amateurs or professionals.

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It is the ideal experience for those who want to capture once-in-a-lifetime memories, rare and beautiful game sightings, emotive landscapes or those special often-overlooked details that the bush provides in abundance.

Our resident photographic tutor, Darren Donovan, has put together a blog post detailing a recent photographic safari, complete with stunning images captured by some of our guests:

“We started off on the first morning, with a group of excited photographers wanting to get going. They had just spent several days on a boat in the Chobe river and were keen to see what Madikwe had that Chobe didn’t. Our first plan was to head south, and hopefully find Rhino and Elephant. Initially, the going went a bit slow, but we managed to find some Elephant. The best of the light had already passed, so at least we had something on what had been a difficult morning. The young Elephant bulls were having a drink, so naturally, the photographic brain says, try and freeze the water droplets. So a shutter speed faster than 1/800sec was needed. I explained the settings to the guests, and we started shooting.

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Later in the morning, one of the other guides managed to find the Mahiwa male lions, close, in the southeast. We slowly started making our way there. I explained to the guests that the shooting conditions were difficult now and that we would have to expose for the shadows. So we set the exposures to +1 EV and waited for our chance. As we expected, the lions were quite lazy by this time, and finding good photographic moments was proving difficult. But we had lions for the guests, something they didn’t get a chance to photograph in the Chobe.”

For the complete 4-day blog post, click here and find out what other wildlife wonders lay in store for our guests, as well as all the amazing images.

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