Wonderful Walking Trails at Pumulani

Wonderful Walking Trails at Pumulani

With the normally lush and thick vegetation thinning out in the lake’s dry winter season, the walking trails at Pumulani are becoming increasingly popular with our visitors.


The trails cater to all walking needs – from the 30-minute stroll under mostly shaded sections, right up to the 2 hours/one-way walk over the hilltop that ends at an untouched private sandy beach, perfect for taking off your shoes to cool down in the clear water.

Our highly knowledgeable and very friendly guides will share all their lake, fauna and flora expertise, as well as some of the colourful history of the area. The birdlife is phenomenal, as are the different calls that can be heard throughout the walk, the most distinctive being that of the fish eagle.


Paradise flycatchers can be seen busy building their tiny saucer-shaped nests, while the weaver nest making is also in full swing. Lake Malawi National Park, where Pumulani is located, is home to at least 200 different species of birds!


Rock hyraxes are also a rather common sight when out on a walk, though they don’t always hang around long enough for a photo!
After the bush walk, many of our guests opt to kayak back, talking in the sights and sounds of the lake.


In the evenings, away from the bright lights of towns or cities and perched on top of a rocky outcrop near our dining area is our telescope, a perfect spot to enjoy the night sky. The clear nights have been perfect for stargazing with Venus and Jupiter being the highlights and for those that choose to stay up later, Saturn.

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